Shedra Curriculum

The shedra at Gampo Abbey provides an overview of the three yanas, covering the main topics of study in a traditional Tibetan shedra curriculum in the Kagyü tradition.

The core curriculum, called Advanced Shedra, consists of the following courses:

  • Abhidharmakośa (four weeks)
  • Lorik (four weeks)
  • Grounds and Paths (four weeks)
  • Yogācāra (four weeks)
  • Madhyamaka (four weeks)
  • Mahāmudrā (two weeks)
  • Creation and Completion (introduction to Vajrayana) (two weeks)

We also offer courses open to all Abbey residents. These classes, called Introductory Shedra, vary, but have included:

  • History of Buddhism
  • Bodhicharyāvatāra
  • The Uttaratantra Śastra
  • The Jewel Ornament of Liberation
  • The Essential Principles of the Shambhala Teachings

The Advanced Shedra and at least three of the Introductory Shedra courses together make up a shedra cycle of 2½ years.

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