Group H (2014–2017)

Group H is the 8th cycle of three-year retreats at Söpa Chöling. We are now accepting applications for this cycle.

Group H will first complete Year I, part 1, in preparation for joining Group G in Year II. Group H's Year I requirements will be fulfilled later in Year I, part 2. Group H will then rejoin Group G for Year III. See below for the complete schedule.

Please email for an application for the first phase of the Group H retreat.

Group H Schedule

(Click here for details on the practices done during retreat.)

Year I, part 1:
Enter Spring 2014

Milarepa Guru Yoga (1 month)

Mahamudra (3 months)

Year II:
Enter September 2014

Inner and Secret Vajrayogini (5 months)

Chakrasamvara (5 months)

Year I, part 2:
Dates TBA 2015/2016

Gampopa and Marpa guru yogas (3 months)

Könchik Chidü (3 months)

Year III:
Enter 2016

Six Dharmas of Naropa (5 ½ months)

Jinasagara and Mahakala (5 ½ months)