Yarne Winter Retreat

Ani Pema ChodronYarne is the traditional monastic "rains season" retreat held annually at Gampo Abbey since 1984. The practice stems from the Indian custom established by the Buddha. At that time the retreat was three months long and done during the summer season of rains. The summer retreat in India was a practical response to the monsoon weather. As well, it was considered not appropriate to travel with the increased likelihood of walking on insects during the rains.

At Gampo Abbey the Tibetan version of 1½ months is practiced. Plus, this "summer" retreat takes place in the winter, which gives rise to hilarity to visiting Tibetans. But there are too many tourists and visitors during the pleasant summer months to close off the Abbey. Thrangu Rinpoche approved this arrangement.

Properly considered, a monastery in the Tibetan tradition has three main commitments:

  • Sojong, the confession liturgy, is performed every two weeks with the new and full moon.
  • Yarne, the seven-week yearly retreat. Yarne is marked by the taking of the eight vows daily as well as a commitment not to cross the physical boundaries.
  • Gagye, the lifting of the restrictions in force during Yarne.

2016 Yarne Retreat

The 2016 annual Yarne retreat will be held from February 17th through April 9th 2016. The Gampo Acharya Ani Pema Chödrön will once again lead this retreat and she will be teaching on "The 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva".

The Yarne retreat includes teachings by Ani Pema Chödrön, discussion groups, extensive meditation practice, one to two weeks of silence practice with Oryoki meals, as well as daily service to support the community by all participants. You should have a well established meditation practice as a basis for participating in this retreat.

Please note: this year's Yarne retreat is full, we will not be accepting any applications for additional participants.

Glimpses of Yarne is a feature length video prepared by award winning documentary filmaker Kent Martin who participated in the 2014 Yarne retreat.


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